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About Best Patient™

Knowledge Clinic Ltd has developed a trustworthy and secure system of medical education for patients with chronic conditions by helping address the Irish as well as the global crisis in healthcare and facilitate a return to patient-centred care. Our aim is to increase compliance and adherence to prescribed regimens through education thereby contributing to an innovative, efficient and sustainable health system. This will help reduce costs for governments and insurers, improve health outcomes for patients, provide a reduction in attrition or dropout from clinical trials, and increase the return on investment for medical manufacturers.

Studies have shown that informed patients take an active role in the care of their own health thus reducing their burden on the system and improving overall outcomes. Knowledge Clinic delivers continuing patient education via the Best Patient™ programme of online interactive and recorded seminars. These are sponsored by State agencies, manufacturers of products and services used to treat chronic conditions, contract research groups, health insurers, healthcare providers, and other stakeholders in healthcare. Best Patient rewards the patient’s self-reported improvements in behaviour through a long-term loyalty programme.

To reduce the complications and to manage them appropriately when they do occur, patients need to be informed of what their diagnosis entails and how best to work in partnership with their healthcare providers and the medical system overall. Support treatments such as nutritional guidance and caregiver instructions need to be taken into account as well, as do cultural and environmental influences.

Best Patient is a highly secure, web-based, interactive, sponsored continuing medical education programme for patients with chronic conditions. It assesses comprehension and rewards appropriate behaviours over time.

Our objective is to educate patients about their diagnosis as well as the importance of compliance to physician’s instructions. This fosters understanding, active self-management and participation in the patient-provider relationship, and adherence to the prescribed medical regimen. The result is a more innovative, efficient, patient-centric and sustainable health system.

Potential benefits of higher compliance and adherence include:

  • Improved outcomes in terms of better overall health and improved quality of life for patients long-term
  • Reduced cost of healthcare delivery for payers (governments and insurers)
  • Increased measurable return on investment for sponsors (medical product manufacturers and service providers)
  • Reduced patient dropout in clinical trials

Complementary continuing medical education programmes (CME) will also be developed to inform physicians, pharmacists, and nurses about what the patients are learning. This is important to provide positive support for the programming and the patients. As suggested by the IMB, this can be expanded to a fully-fledged CME accredited programme.

The program development has been supported by:


Best Patient (Reg. in Ireland, #444114) is a division and a trademark of Knowledge Clinic Ltd.
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