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Company Overview

Knowledge Clinic Ltd is a limited liability corporation held equally (50% share each) by the two founders and principals in the business, Daria Blackwell and Alex Blackwell . Both serve as executive Directors.

Best Patient is a division of Knowledge Clinic. Through Best Patient, Knowledge Clinic will also apply the interactive webinar technology among other channels to deliver continuing medical education to patients. Best Patient focuses on the patient education which it conducts using webinars.

Best Patient™

Best Patient™ is a web-based interactive, sponsored continuing medical education programme for patients with chronic illness, which assesses comprehension and rewards appropriate behaviors over time.

Best Patient will provide education produced and written so that it can be readily understood by the public. Patients’ participation will be tested by very simple means to verify comprehension. Patients who attend programmes and pass their tests will receive points that will be redeemable for valuable rewards or incentives. Rewards will include items relevant to the diagnosis including discounts on insurance, free goods such as blood pressure measuring devices, free trial periods for exercise programmes, and coupons for healthy foods. As a result, sponsorships will be solicited from multiple business sectors. We will seek endorsement by recognized authorities.

A means for tracking self-reported compliance will also be incorporated and periodic reporting will qualify for extra points. A patient staying in the programme will therefore be verifiably compliant. Over time this will also produce adherence data that can be analyzed and reported in aggregate as a benefit to sponsors and health services. The goal is to keep patients healthier and to encourage them to continue using the medical products and services appropriately long-term. Measures for quality of life (QoL) and other long-term health outcomes will be built into self-reporting protocols.

Best Patient will recruit experts, develop and deliver content, manage partnerships with sponsors, negotiate rewards, and provide database analytics for outcomes measures. The brands, the content, and the methodology will constitute our intellectual property.

The strategy is to launch a two year pilot programme in Ireland to definitively prove concept in the web-based medium before adapting it for new media channels and export to the US and Europe. Further delivery channels such as radio, television, live clinics, print/direct mail, DVD, streaming video and others will be added as funding allows to further address patients’ needs. Content and testing will be migrated to each new delivery channel ensuring uniform standards of the educational modules across all platforms.

The program development has been supported by:

Best Patient (Reg. in Ireland, #444114) is a division and a trademark of Knowledge Clinic Ltd.
Port Aleria, Rosnakilly, Kilmeena, Westport, Co. Mayo, Ireland - USA: PO Box 726, Mahwah, NJ 07430
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