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Patient Information from Best Patient™ (Irish Pilot Phase)

The Best Patient model involves you the patient as our partner in the management of your health over time, thus developing a long-term relationship between you and Best Patient. The information will be delivered modularly to cover different stages of disease as their condition progresses, providing multiple opportunities for sponsorship. Your Information will be held in the most secure system available.

For example, in hypertension, early stages require diet and exercise modification, stress reduction, and blood pressure lowering medication. Intermediate stages may require multiple drug treatment and intervention in additional factors like lipid levels and blood sugars if metabolic syndrome is present. Later stages, if disease is allowed to progress, require prompt management of complications such as heart attack, stroke, and heart failure. Understanding that heart disease is a continuum makes people respond differently to initial management of asymptomatic rises in blood pressure. The different factors involved as disease progresses create potential for participation by different industry sectors.

The educational programming will be holistic and experiential and will cover disease information, pharmacotherapy, lifestyle training, and other appropriate lessons. Patients will also be informed how to read package inserts, recognize common side effects and complications, and how to manage them in the most efficient way. Patients will be rewarded with incentives for completion of modules, modification of behaviour, and self-reporting of progress.

More than one-third (38%) of the Irish population report that they have a chronic condition. This increases with age, with 62% of persons over age 65 reporting having a chronic condition.

The top five chronic conditions in our initial focus will be:

  1. Cardiovascular diseases (hypertension, TIA/stroke, IHD, HF)
  2. Cancer (lung, breast, prostate, etc)
  3. Lung diseases (asthma, COPD, etc)
  4. Diabetes (child and adult onset)
  5. Chronic pain (arthritis, injury, etc)

Mental health, overweight, food and fitness will initially be addressed as part of the management of chronic conditions. Additional conditions (dementia, etc) will be added over time. Appropriate utilization of healthcare delivery resources and efficient negotiation of the health care system will also be covered.

Are you Elegible to join Best Patient?

Yes! Everyone is indeed eligible. However, only residents of the Republic of Ireland who have been diagnosed with the disease categories listed are eligible to receive the benefits offered. Everyone, anywhere may participate in our education modules.

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