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Who We Are

Alex BlackwellAlex Blackwell

Co-Founder and Director

Alex Blackwell is founding partner and serves as Director and President of Knowledge Clinic, Ltd. Mr. Blackwell focuses on marine and general marketing initiatives, Infrastructure and IT, as well as the patient focus of the educational initiatives.

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Daria BlackwellDaria Blackwell

Co-Founder and Director

Daria Blackwell is founding partner and serves as Director and Secretary of Knowledge Clinic, Ltd. Ms. Blackwell focuses on four integrated aspects: interactive modular multi-channel patient education, complementary education for physicians, targeted research both before and after delivery of knowledge, and a reward system through third party payors to reinforce behavior. Blackwell also provides internal management and sales force training to ensure complete understanding of the therapeutic implications of patient behavior as well as the influence of cultural factors on assimilation of information.

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